Angel Ruth

Part 1:
angel ruth
Hi, I’m Angel Ruth
I’m here to help you see the truth.
Whether you’re a mouse or a Sabertooth,
Old or in your youth,
Love and accepting ALL OF YOU is foolproof
In raising LOVE on the planet through the roof!
Part 2:
saber tooth
Yo Sabertooth here
I heard Angel Ruth loud and clear.
Along with sleep and finding food to eat,
I make meditation my beat.
I now love and accept all of me,
And I feel oh so free!
I’ve found my inner mouse,
My body is now a 100% loving house.
Part 3:
mouse two
Hi, I’m mouse and hardly visible.
I listened to Angel Ruth because I was miserable.
I got out of my head and into my heart,
And I’m now loving and accepting every part!
With meditation, I uncovered my inner Sabertooth,
Here is the proof,
“ROAR!” Thanks, Ruth!
Part 4:
ruth in the clouds
Hello dear friends, Angel Ruth here again,
My words are humane
Love and accept all of yourself,
Do not put YOUR needs up on a shelf.
The time is now to raise your vibration
Do this now, without filtration.
This is the best thing you can do.
And remember, “I love you.”
♥love and light

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