the cupcake

be empowered

I remember one time, driving to my therapist’s office, and I was feeling down. I was in the middle of going through my divorce. I wanted a chocolate malt milkshake soooo bad! But I knew it was for no other reason than to divert my attention from the feelings that were coming up for me. I held strong and did not get a milkshake before my session.  One might say that the above recognition defines empowerment, but at the time I did not feel that way at all!  It felt more like,  “PHEW!  Dodged that bullet!”  The session went well.  I shared with my therapist how proud I was with myself for not eating my feelings. It was an intense session.  It was therapy!  The intention of therapy is to bring up “stuff” and process the emotions stored in the body.  When I left my session, I drove by a restaurant that has one of my favorite cupcakes.  I pulled in straight away.  I deserved a cupcake after what I just went through!  Ha!  That’s what I told myself.  I bought it, got back into my car and headed for home to eat that coconut cupcake with coconut frosting!  I came to a red light and my mind began thinking about my session with my therapist.  Some emotions started to rise.  I decided to take just one bite of the cupcake before I reached home.  Just one bite… Between me taking a bite and putting the cupcake back into the bag, some cheesy love song (probably something from Ambrosia) came on the radio.  Tears immediately started flowing down my face.  I DID NOT put that cupcake back in the bag!  I began stuffing the whole thing in my mouth with water streaming out of my eyes, some throwback cheesy love song playing on the radio and driving!  I’m sure it was quite a sight!
Just as quickly as I began crying, I started laughing!  I became aware of what I was doing in the moment.  I literally thought, “I am eating my feelings right now and it is okay! I love myself!”  I felt empowered! I felt empowered that I was able to recognize what I was doing IN THE VERY MOMENT.  I made it home just fine but that cupcake did not!  The point of sharing this story is that I wasn’t mindlessly eating my emotions.  I was aware of my actions and found love and acceptance for myself in that moment.  I recognized the choice I was making at the time. Instead of eating as a diversion or eating mindlessly, I became aware in the moment that I was eating my feelings of sadness.  I OWNED IT!
You see, the more you live in the present, the more you are aware of the choices you have and the more empowered you become.
Step into your heart’s center.  Step into who you are.  Make decisions from your heart’s space with love and compassion.  Be empowered by all of the choices you make in your life.


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