giving and receiving

What is going on out there?
Does anyone really care?
Water is something WE ALL share,
just like the earth and air.
Do you dare pollute for capital gain?
Do you dare knowingly with disdain?
Water is an essential source,
one which we all need, of course.
We need water to keep us alive.
Like planets and animals, we need water to thrive.
The earth is alive and supports us in so many ways. Have you ever stopped to think about that? We grow our food in the earth to sustain us. We drink the water that comes from rivers, mountains, and other natural sources. The sun gives us vitamin D which helps our bodies function. Air is our life force. Without our breath, we transition from our body.
What is happening in North Dakota is not the first time that a business has been more concerned with making money and taking risks that can and often do, harm our planet. I believe we can coexist on the planet with all plants, animals AND humans. To achieve this balance, it is necessary to start paying closer attention to how we live and factor in how our choices are affecting the planet.
Dear sun burn away my fears
Dear wind blow away my tears
Dear water wash away my worry
Dear earth lay to rest my fury
Dear sun fill me with light
Dear wind share all of your might
Dear water remind me to flow
Dear earth help me to grow
Dear sun I promise to honor
Dear wind I commit to be stronger
Dear water I offer you respect
Dear earth I will protect.
This is a pledge I am making to mother earth: To have gratitude and recognize the daily gifts the planet offers us and to give back. I am dedicated to making conscious choices, choices that include how the environment and planet will be affected.
I invite you to take just one step today toward living more consciously. Take a step in the direction of helping heal and nurture the earth. Maybe it’s recycling, taking better care of yourself, eating less meat, buying clothes from a second hand store, sharing a ride to work, riding a bike to work, turning off the water while brushing your teeth, buying from ethically conscious companies, using public transportation, turning off lights when you are not in the room. There are countless ways to live in a way that shows concern for the environment. You do not need to quit your job to go join the people protecting the water in North Dakota unless you feel drawn to do that! There are other ways to help. You can give financial support. You can have conversations with friends and family bringing greater awareness to environmental issues. You can also pray and send love, light, strength, and peace to those who are taking action physically to protect the earth.
If you want to do something and don’t know what to do, give yourself some space to sit in quiet and ask yourself, “What can I do to help the earth?” Then listen for the answer. It may take doing this a few times before you hear what direction to go. Have patience, dedication and an open heart.

♥much love and light

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