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Just like I learned to ride a bike

Read a book

Drive a car,

I can learn to live in peace.

I have complete faith that with practice, I can live in peace. I believe we all can. Having an open heart in all situations in life, takes determination and persistence. Sure, I am stumbling my way through, but just like running over the curb while parking the first few times (and in full disclosure, sometimes that still happens today!) I back it up and try again. 

Peace starts with each and every individual on the planet. Peace starts with loving and accepting yourself 100%. When you feel harmony within, you will start radiating peace and harmony all around you.

Taking time to sit quietly with yourself will begin to nurture peace within. Focus on your breath and listen to what your heart has to say, then take action from that space. Go ahead, give it a try! Let’s see what kind of world we can create!

♥much love and light

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