Choose kindness. There may not be physical damage, but words can hurt internally. 
An invitation:
Really listen to the things you say to others for the day. Imagine that you are saying them to yourself. So, for example, if you are in an argument with another person and calling them a “nincompoop,” you will be calling yourself a “nincompoop.” Or if you are telling someone that you love them, you are saying that to yourself. It will be like YOU talking to YOU. If you aren’t able to do this in the moment, think about the words you used in the conversation afterward.
Then, take some time to feel what comes up for you. Does your heart feel constricted or open? Do you feel happy or sad? Do you feel connected or divided? Or any other thoughts or feelings that may arise. Just acknowledge and be present with your emotions without judgment.
You have a choice about what words you speak to another person. Let’s begin creating more experiences of love and connection with ourselves and others and see what happens from there!

♥ much love and light

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  1. Anonymous
    January 20, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Love to you…may be find light and peace today

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