heart to heart
All too often we do, do, do for others, at a great cost to ourselves.
You can start to feel rundown, tired and lose connection to your heart.  Take care of your needs first then help others.  Just like the stewardess tells you when flying: “If there is an emergency, put on YOUR air mask first then assist others.”  Connecting to your heart will open you up to love, compassion and acceptance for yourself.  Then when you connect with others, you can offer those qualities to them and feel energized.
An invitation: You can try this with someone you know and love or someone you don’t know and who wants to experiment. Place your hand over your heart space and place your other hand over the other person’s heart space. They do the same. Feel your feet (or if you are sitting buttocks) on the ground and focus on your breath. This will connect you to each other’s soul and the unconditional love that we are. Notice any thoughts, feelings or body sensations that come up for you and take time to share with each other.

♥love and light

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