heart of gold

heart of gold
We often look outside ourselves for what we want.  Try going inward, to your heart.  Sit quietly and ask yourself if you can give yourself what you seek.  As an adult, I have perpetually been searching for a heart of gold in a life partner.  I woke up one day to realize that a heart of gold resides within me.  I discovered, that what I was seeking in others, was with me all along.  Life is funny like that.  I thought, if I go here or go there to find the last piece of the puzzle, I will be “complete.”  The reality is that I am already complete.  I just needed to rediscover who I am.  The only person that completes me is ME. The only person that completes you is YOU.  A dear friend gave me a gift the other day of a fairy holding a sign that reads, “I am enough.”  My heart sang and a smile spread across my face knowing this statement as truth.  Another statement of truth which I will share with you is that you too, my friends, have a heart of gold residing within you.  Breathe into your heart and listen.  Feel the sensations at your heart center.  If there is healing to be done, to allow your heart to be fully open, take the time to heal.  Let down the walls, expand and let what lives inside you flourish and flow.  Be dedicated to connecting to your heart with sincere intention and see how your life changes.
♥Much love and light

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