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Lately, I’ve been feeling frustrated because my inner critic will not shut up! Do you know the self-judgment that I’m talking about?! My inner judge is a strict Catholic nun that carries a ruler and sneers at me when I don’t do something in, what she thinks, is a timely fashion or that she deems inappropriate!  Yes, my inner judge is a nun.  I’ve told her to take off that habit and go find a beach to chill out on, but she insists on staying with me. I think she is teaching me about acceptance, trust, and patience. I have an ever growing list of things I want to do in this life, but when I really listen to my body, it wants me to rest and allow. So, I am working on finding a balance between “doing” and “allowing.” What I mean by that is “doing,” going after what I want, has to be balanced with “allowing,” surrendering to the unfoldment of my life, or I start feeling frustrated that things aren’t going how I wish.
I am getting better at hearing the nagging nun before I send myself down too long of a spiral. Instead of going for something to eat when I hear her start to speak up, I take space to listen beyond my inner dialog, feel the emotions arising and focus on my breath while relaxing my body. Doing this helps me feel mental and physical ease and I can flow with what life is offering to me in the present moment. I have greater acceptance for where I am on my journey. I thank my inner critic for her concern and ask her to find peace for where I am in my evolution.  I know she means well, but I tell her that I don’t need to play that judgment game anymore and I love and accept all of me JUST AS I AM! “Everyone moves at their own pace, what’s the hurry sister?! I am not in competition with anyone!”  I remind myself that in the past when I trust my inner guidance, which comes from my heart, instead of the nagging nun voice, which comes from my head, it always leads me in the direction of love, compassion, and an open heart.
Do you have an inner critic? Are you able to find peace in the evolution of your life? Our inner judge lives all up in the head.  What does your inner critic’s voice sound like, a lion, football coach, nun, brother, mom, bear or a mouse? When the mental chatter begins, finding space to connect with your heart, breathe and come into the moment will begin creating peace within.
♥Much love and light

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