take down the wall

take flight
Take down the wall
No matter how BIG, or small.
The wall
Around your heart
Open your heart
To the higher realm,
Allow your heart to take the helm ♥
I’m not sure when it began, but somewhere along the way in this life I started building a wall around my heart.  Then one day, I became aware of this wall that I built around my heart and it felt larger than the Great Wall of China. The last 10 years of my adult life have been dedicated to taking the wall down and keeping my heart open to all that life has to offer in every situation.  It takes A LOT of practice!  It is getting easier and easier for me to be present and stay in my body each moment of each day. I am able to feel my emotions as they arise in my body and let them flow. This daily practice allows me to live more connected to life with peace, love, and compassion, not only for others but myself.
Things happen in life that cause you to build a wall around your heart so you don’t feel heartbreak or pain.  The protection around your heart may start off as a paper-thin shear barrier, but as time goes on, the wall gets more sturdy, like a hard brick wall.  The longer you let the wall stay up, the more challenging it can be to take it down. You may not even realize that you are building a wall around your heart. One day, you discover that something is missing in your world.  You search high and low, looking in every direction to find what is absent in your life. Then, like a bolt of lightning, you realize that you have constructed a wall around your heart, YOUR TRUE ESSENCE.  The barricade that you thought was protecting you, is actually hurting you, dimming your soul’s light.  What is missing in your life is KNOWING who you truly are. When you are connected with your heart, you feel an essence of peace and love that no one can take away from you.
Take a moment right now to communicate with your heart.  How does your heart feel at this moment?  What is the temperature and size?  Does it feel open and airy or heavy and tight?   Is there a color you associate with your heart?  Is your heart beating fast or slow?  Whatever you are feeling, just notice without any judgment.  Allow whatever wants to come up to flow through. Be gentle and kind to yourself and listen to your body.  Keep breathing and relaxing your muscles. If you are like me, you will need to grab a tissue at this point! Connecting with your heart can bring up vulnerability. It is okay. Allow the love that you are, permeate through your body and beyond. This is what has been missing.  It is time to shine your light for YOU, THE PLANET and ALL OF US!
♥much love and light

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