beach roseBeach rose

I am captivated by the beach rose
For the sweet scent
they bestow
is reminiscent of
this thing we call love.
Flowing from within
and above.
As my heart strings pull
opening to the colorful
beauty of life
and feeling grateful.
Beach rose II
I wish I had a beach rose
growing under my nose.
It could start at my toes,
spreading the beautiful
scent, even when it snows!
I would be ready to decorate,
any person ready to
the joys of life,
and generate
the new love paradigm
to elevate.
As their fragrance fills the air
expanding one’s heart to care
of ridding the world from despair
and ready
to take a dare.

What inspires you?  What makes your heart sing?  What puts a smile in your heart and on your face?  Find the beauty in all you do and be the inspiration for others.  Life is short.  Live how you want to live, NOW!

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