to your heart be reliant

to your heart
Do you know? Can you see?
I am you and you are me. 
If you do not know who you are,
You do not need to look very far.
Go in and discover,
All there is to uncover.
To help,
A small clue
I will give to you:
Go in, be silent.
To your heart be reliant.
You have gifts to unearth,
Ready to birth.
With purpose and dedication, 
You can change your vibration.
You see,
It takes only time.
Part of my truth, is this rhyme!
And there is so much more,
More wondrous magic to explore.
For my dear friends, 
Take time to let fear cleanse.
The time is now and now and now you see
Now is all that is ever in front of thee.
The choice is always yours.
Fear consumes or love soars.
So, how do you choose to be?
I ask of you,
Hear my plea.
Go in, be silent
To your heart be reliant. 
The time the is now 
Make that vow! 
Open your heart, feel all and BE
Open your heart for you, the world and me.
♥love and light
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