Messing around with patience on adobe illustrator! First time at home solo. Result below:new--playing-around
I took a crash course 4 months ago and did not practice right after the class.  I forgot a lot! After a couple of weeks dilly dallying around and watching tutorials, I was able to create the magic down below.  I am loving it!  There is SO MUCH TO LEARN! I have to remind myself to relax, breathe and have continual patience.  Let the games begin:)
What do you enjoy creating?  Taking time to play, have fun and be artistic is a great emotional outlet.  You don’t need to use a computer.  Use a pen and paper, paint, objects around the house, crayons, heck, condiments out of the refrigerator! Anything you want!  Use your imagination and have fun!

♥love and light

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